Call for Papers & Sessions

Workshop and Network Sessions (Day 03)

Day 3 will provide a variety of different session formats, including: workshops; panels; round-tables; screenings; art and photography; poster sessions

We invite participants to deliver a presentation in one of the below topics.  We also welcome offers to organise sessions. Whereas the focus on the Day 2 is on the impact of the Olympics on the city, in Day 3 there is a much broader focus on multiple aspects of the Olympics.  Here we think of a range of topics such as:

      Body enhancements – diet, drugs, performance, training regimes
      The Olympics and Paralympics – ability/disability, eligibility and qualification
      Technologies – measurement, metrics, recording
      The cultural programme – performance arts, art, music and food
      Olympic architecture and spatial design
      Olympic promotion – branding, image and presentation
      Staging the games – planning and exhibiting mega-events and spectacles
      Archiving the games – records, recording and memory
      Urban impact – infrastructure, transport, housing, public space
      Displacements – urban cleansing and exclusion
      Whose games? – access, wealth and the new inequalities
      Olympic economies – formal, informal and illegal employment
      Olympics finance, accounting and the balance sheet
      Olympic ecologies and sustainability
      Sporting INGOs (international non-governmental organizations) and their global impact
      Legacies and evaluation

We invite those interested to submit the following information:

(1) Title of your proposed presentation or session you would like to organise; (2) short abstract of up to 150 words; (3) short bio with your affiliation and contact details.  

Application deadline: May 8th
Notify successful candidates: May 17th




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